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Vistrack is a powerful and user-friendly web-based system that will manage and track all aspects of your organisation’s IT inventory. Vistrack streamlines your auditing and reporting to save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary asset purchases where existing resources are available. Vistrack combines the functions of financial, contractual, governance, technical support and inventory management to create a complete approach to your IT lifecycle management strategy from acquisition through to disposal. It enables your organisation to make meaningful and measurable decisions on your IT Assets.

Vistrack’s unique user-friendly interface makes managing your IT Assets a breeze. It thinks the way that you do, such as its one-click auditing and location features which significantly speeds up your governance processes such as Stocktakes and Electrical Integrity Testing. It also supports multiple user levels to separate administration functions from general user level functions.

Vistrack’s support team is here to help your organisation transition. We can provide integration services so that Vistrack can talk to your existing systems. We can assist you with importing your company data and we can also provide services to customise the way that Vistrack works to make it work better for your organisation.

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Whay Use an IT Asset Management (ITAM) System?

To effectively consolidate your IT Assets you are going to need an IT Asset Management (ITAM) system and the sooner you implement it, the easier life will be as you increase in size. So when you start to consider your ITAM you want to Read More...


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Manage Hardware
Manage Hardware

Record information about each piece of hardware in your inventory.

Manage Virtual Machines
Manage Virtual Machines

Keep an inventory of virtual machines and link them to your hardware.

Manage Software
Manage Software

Keep an inventory of software and link it to your hardware or virtual machines.

Manage Contracts and Leases
Manage Contracts/Leases

Track your contracts/leases for IT

Manage IP Addresses
Manage IP Addresses

Manage your IP Addresses to quickly find and allocate available IP addresses.

Manage Classified Hard Drives
Manage Classified Hard Drives

Have classified hard drives? Manage your hard drives and track location and documentation

Reports and Auditing
Reports and Auditing

Report on your IT assets and quickly perform audits such as Stocktake with a single click

Location Tracking
Location Tracking

Quickly find your IT assets location to reduce time for governance/maintenance.

Fault Tracking
Fault Tracking

Track faults with your IT equipment and notify relevant members within your organisation.

Upload Photos
Upload Photos

Upload photos of your hardware for fast identification

Defence Security Classifications
Defence Security Classifications

Option to apply Defence Security Classifications to equipment and networks.

Role-Based User Security
Role-Based User Security

Assign Roles to Users to limit access and information.

Data Import
Data Import

We can assist with migrating your existing company data in the Vistrack system

API Integration
API Integration

We can assist with API integration to allow your existing systems to work with Vistrack

Custom Modications
Custom Modications

We can customise the Vistrack system to cater to your organisation's needs.

Manage Your IT Governance with High Level Charts

High Level Chart Overview

Quickly visualise the operational state and governance status of your IT assets with dynamic charts available on your dashboard.

Record Message Threads

Record message threads to log conversations about your IT hardware, virtual machines and classified hard drives.

Record Message About all of your IT Inventory
Stocktake IT Assets with One Click

One-Click Auditing

One-Click Auditing will speed up your governance processes such as Stocktakes, Electrical Integrity Testing and Technical Compliance checks.

Upload Documentation

Upload documentation for your hardware items, virtual machines and classified hard drives.

Upload Documents for all of your IT Assets

Why Choose Vistrack?

Vistrack was designed for simplicity, security and accountability of your IT assets. It stands out from its competitors by providing your organisation with an extremely user-friendly interface that interacts with every component of your IT infrastructure, to enable fast take-up within your organisation, designed around a robust and comprehensive IT Asset Management System.


Vistrack's cloud based system employs a high level of security and encryption to safeguard your organisation's sensitive information.

Fast Queries

Find your assets in a flash with Vistrack's high-end search and discovery tools.


Vistrack's extensive reporting tools allow you to quickly assess your IT assets' state of health.

IT Asset Management made Easy
Cloud Based

Put Vistrack to work within 24 hours on our private cloud.

On Premises

Set up Vistrack on your own servers. Our team will assist you throughout the process.

Fast Support

Our dedicated support team will assist you in problem solving, customising development and data import/export.


Vistrack provides a large range of reports

Category Report

Organise your IT equipment into categories

Contract Expiration

Know when your contract expiration dates are approaching

Disposal Report

Keep a history of all disposed assets and documentation

Expense Reporting/Forecasting

Forecast IT expenses and track current expenses

Fault Report

Generate fault reports for your IT Tech support

Group Report

Break down reports by group owners

IP Address by Subnet

Generate reports on IP Addresses by Subnet

Kit Report

Generate fault reports for each kit that contains multliple items

Location Report

Generate reports based on location

Loaned-To Report

Generate reports based on items that are on loan (not in normal location) and are overdue

Network Report

Generate hardware reports for each of your networks

Serviceability Report

Generate reports to show the serviceability status of your equipment

Signed-out Report

Generate a report for each piece of equipment that has been signed out by your employee

Software Expiration Report

Report on when software licences are likely to expire to assist in forecasting software maintenance

Software By Vendor Report

Show software licenses by vendor

Warranty Expiration Report

Generate warranty expiration report to assist in forecasting future costs

Virtual Machine Host Hardware Report

Generate a report to show all virtual machines that reside on host hardware

Financial Reports

Generate financial reports to assist your forecasting and expenditure

We can also create custom reports specifically for your organisation


Vistrack supports one-click compliance checking enabling you to use your mobile device and rapidly perform governance tasks

Electrical Integrity Testing

Rapidly locate and perform one-click compliance checking for Electrical Integrity Testing

Technical Inspections

Rapidly locate and perform one-click compliance checking for Technical Inspections


Rapidly locate and perform one-click compliance checking for Stocktakes

Hard drive Security Check (For Defence)

Rapidly locate and perform one-click compliance checking for hard drive Security Check (For Defence)

We can also create custom governance tasks specifically for your organisation


We understand every customer has unique requirements. So we have designed flexibile pricing to suit your organisation.

Small Teams



Lots of assets and only a small group of people? We will customise a pricing model to suit you based on the amount of people.

Large Teams



Lots of people and minimal IT equipment? We will customise a pricing model to suit you based on the amount of assets.

Large Organisations



Large company or government agency? Install a copy of Vistrack in your own secure environment. We assist during the setup.

Is Vistrack suitable for your organisation?

Is Vistrack Ideal For...


Absolutely! Vistrack was designed around some of Defence's key security requirements including Security Classifications and Classified Hard drives.


Absolutely! Education systems struggle from high volume of IT equipment and software constantly moving and changing ownership. Vistrack is the tool to keep that under control.

Large Commerical Organisations?

Absolutely! We work with large commercial organisations to integrate our system into their existing workflows and systems.

Small/Medium Organisations?

Absolutely! We provide the right support to ensure your company minimises downtime and provides clarity around your IT portfolio so you can focus on your core business.

IT Suppliers?

Absolutely! Find out how Vistrack can improve your customer retention.

Read 5 Ways to Retain Customers for IT Suppliers to find out how.

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